Reading I: Baruch 5:1-9
Reading II: Philippians 1:4-6, 8-11
GOSPEL: Luke 3:1-6

We’re told to shed our sad robes and to cloak ourselves in the glory of God always. But how can we do that when we see misery and suffering all around us? We know Our King has the power and offers us life everlasting, but how do we make the long, tough journey Home?

Wrapped in God’s Glory!

The story from Baruch tells of the Lord’s return to us. What a wonderful picture the author paints! It’s just the opposite, in fact, of Jesus’ first appearance among us. For when He comes again, no one will doubt that he is the ultimate King of all. And with Him will be our loved ones, “led away on foot by their enemies.” The party to end all parties awaits us. But will we be there?

The Word guarantees that all who seek God’s face will be there to celebrate in the end. The hard part is maintaining our zeal to make it through life’s journey. But we have the roadmap and invitation we need to get there (and Advent readings to boot)!

But I Don’t Have a Thing to Wear!

During this liturgical season leading up to Christmas, we are expected to prepare not only for “the coming,” but also by working on our attitudes, our priorities, our souls, and ourselves in general. Of course, in this fast-paced world, that’s easier said than done. But we can struggle forward and make progress.

It is no harder for us than the earliest Christians. They also had to follow the prophets’ and disciples’ advice while living in a political society. They had Herod, Caesar and others to contend with. We have our own zealots, despots and dictators to deal with.

Yet just like those first good followers of Christ, we have the power to pray for our world and our lives. We also have the ability to reach conversion and reconciliation through the grace we receive from the Holy Sacraments. We have all the necessary fabric to make and keep our “glory cloaks” about our shoulders.

Party On!

Let’s not be like those ingrates from the house of Israel who forgot their Father. Remember, “the one who began a good work in [us]” will always nurture the seeds He planted in us, if we ask. Advent is about waiting, hoping, and making ourselves better before the celebration of Jesus’ birth. It’s also a way for us to practice anticipating His return.

If we do as the second reading suggests - increase our love “ever more and more,” praise God, check our priorities, and live righteously - we are getting ready for that promised party. We’ll be at the head table with the Guest of Honor, where all trusted friends belong.

So, let’s all continue to “Wait in joyful hope” as we prepare ourselves for the season.

Life Applications:

Are you consciously waiting for Jesus’ return?
How do you plan to prepare yourself this Advent?
In what ways will you increase your love this season?

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