REAL Peer Ministry and Leadership

We want YOU to join our team!

Peer Ministry and Leadership

The REAL Peer Ministry and Leadership Team is a group of teens who have made a commitment to plan and lead the regular meetings and special events throughout the year. Membership is for teens who feel called to take ownership for the life of their parish, school, or organization, but need help developing their skills. The team members learn foundational skills such as balancing leadership roles, understanding group dynamics, facilitating small and large groups, and how to exemplify the servant leadership that Christ calls us to.

Members of the REAL Leadership Team plan and run the REAL Time gatherings and help with other special events and parties. When not running events, the team members help with ensuring that everyone who attends feels welcome and included as part of the community.

Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, team members will complete a formal training and certification program. Training will begin in September and conclude in May. Teens who successfully complete the program will be commissioned as St. Francis of Assisi REAL Peer Ministers.

Not Really Church-y?

Many teens won’t join because they don’t think that youth group is for them. It’s not their “thing.” They don’t want to just sit around, read the Bible, and pray. If that’s what you’re thinking… you’re absolutely wrong! REAL ministry is about coming together, laughing, talking, playing, and creating wonderful friendships.

Besides, if you join the Peer Ministry Leadership Team, you’ll get to help determine exactly what we do when we get together. You will get the chance to help create the group that you’d love to join!

Introverted & Quiet?

If this describes you, then there’s a place for you on the team! Teens who prefer to be out of the limelight and provide support behind the scenes will have opportunities to improve their strengths but also learn how to speak well and lead from the front.

Extroverted & Outgoing?

If this describes you, then there’s a place for you on the team! Teens who are comfortable in front of groups will have opportunities to improve their strengths but also learn how to listen well and empower others.

Roles & Responsibilities

Members of the peer ministry leadership team meet regularly to determine topics, choose ice breakers, develop activities, and come up with all aspects of meetings and events.

Members are also trained to facilitate small group discussions, lead large group discussions, give personal talks, listen effectively, speak well, and help teens feel welcome when the attend meetings and events.


Teens today are busier than ever and often have tremendous responsibilities. So why would young people commit to doing even more? Why would they use what little free-time they have to plan and lead youth group meetings?

They do it because Christ calls us to live in community with one another. And though that sounds simple, it’s definitely not easy. Peer ministers are caring young people who want to help lead, guide, support, and serve this group of teens – and help them become a true community. In the process, the learn skills that will help them elsewhere and make friends they’ll have for a lifetime!