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All high school students are invited to join us for REAL Faith Online – a web-based faith formation program consisting of short weekly lessons that you complete on your own, plus optional facilitated discussions once or twice a month via Zoom.

This year we’re celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’, with a program called “Caring for Our Common Home: Living Laudato Si’.”

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Online Faith Formation for Teens

Course Introduction

An introduction to the course and the instructor, including information on lessons, assignments, and how to get the most out of the REAL Faith Online Program.

Includes: Video Lessons

Part 1: SEEING - Understanding the Crisis of our Common Home

The first step is to and understand that our common planetary home is in crisis. Pope Francis, in his encyclical “Laudato Si’,” urges the Catholic Church, other Christian communities, followers of other religions and faiths, and all people of good will to start immediately to care for our common home, which is in serious danger.

Includes: Video Lessons, Journal Questions, and Knowledge Checks

Take Care of Our Common Home

The crisis facing our common home is global and the science shows that it is absolutely unprecedented. The encyclical uses the term “common home” to make clear the need to move past the limiting view of “environmental issues” being simply ecological problems instead of the complex social, economic, and environmental crisis that it actually is.

Includes: Video Lessons, Journal Questions, and Knowledge Checks

Listen to the Cry of the Poor

Pope Francis establishes that the current ecological crisis is not merely a physical problem but also an extremely moral crisis as well. This is demonstrated by the fact that the impacts of climate change are already being disproportionately felt by the poorest among us. The encyclical raises issues that are difficult for people in developed nations to face.

Includes: Video Lessons, Journal Questions, and Knowledge Checks

More Lessons Added Every Month!

The initial course begins in October of 2020 and is scheduled to conclude in May of 2021, with new lessons available almost every week. The program teaches Laudato Si’ using the format defined in the book, The Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Si’, by Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam.

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Brandon Jubar


Brandon became active in ministry in 1985 and began his career a few years later. After 17 years of supervising and leading multinational teams in the private sector, he moved into the public sector, where he has spent over a decade in various senior staff positions in a Cabinet-level Federal Agency.

Over the years, Brandon has individually coached and mentored dozens of people in the private and public sectors, as well as in ministry; given dozens of workshops on topics ranging from Career Planning to Social Justice; and planned & led over a hundred 2-day retreats.

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